Corinna Kleindorp

The fascination of nature with its beauty, uniqueness and diversity is at the heart of the painter’s work. Therefore, she also lives in the middle of the nature of the Black Forest. She is also inspired by her many travels she has been doing for years. If you look at their landscape impressions, you will not see any pictures of photographs, but a transformation of the seen, the perceived and the experienced. What emerges is an unreal reality that the viewer cannot escape.

The series of works of the fragments takes up again details from the landscapes, which leads them even further into the abstraction. Since 1994 she has been intensively involved in painting through continuous studies and numerous seminars with renowned lecturers. Since 2008, she presents her works to the public on a national and international level. Some of these are privately owned, such as Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Dubai, but also in public spaces. Corinna Kleindorp works as a freelance artist.