Elisaveta Sivas

Artist of mixed Estonian-Russian origin Elisaveta Sivas has expressed in her art different cultures she has experienced. Elisaveta studied Modern Greek Philology and Byzantine Literature and holds a PhD in the Theory of Languages. She did her artistic studies in private workshops in Paris, St.Petersbourg and Cyprus. She has attended art classes in Italy at the State Academy of Palermo. She lived and travelled for studies and research to countries like Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Holland, UK. Having her background in linguistic research, Elisaveta became a researcher of life, human emotions, interactions, relations.

For the last years Elisaveta has based her workshop in Polvamaa where she moved in order to be closer to her roots. Beautiful nature, forests and lakes, natural way of life close to earth present for Elisaveta unlimited source of inspiration and add authentic scent of pureness to her art. Elisaveta is working mostly with ceramic sculpture and figurines, but she also creates oil painting, mixed media painting and drawing. Her paintings are more colourful, while the sculpture is characterized by attention to detail and minimalist style.


“Vindication of the Gorgon Medusa”

Medusa is known for being a formidable foe, but the same as this world her nature is characterized both by positive and negative sides. Her blood could heal and a beautiful Pegasus went out of her head. She was a beautiful mortal girl unfairly punished by Athena for having been raped in Athena’s temple by Poseidon. In this version of Medusa her kind side is emphasized.

Approximately 36 cm high, 33 cm wide, 31 cm deep.

Ceramic sculpture, stoneware.



When two souls feel too close they could become one.

Approximately 24 cm high x 27 cm wide x 24 cm deep

Ceramic sculpture, stoneware.



Keeping tight with your hands the person and the soul you love.

Approximately 27 cm high x 30 cm wide x 20 cm deep

Ceramic sculpture, stoneware.