Andrei Okolokoulak

I was born in Dublin in 1996 to Russian parents. I graduated from Boston University in 2018 with a major in art history. My childhood was spent in Moscow and Swiss Alps. I painted as a child but stopped making art for about three years after receiving D for art in middle school. Since 18, I committed to making my life revolve around art.

I think of myself as an artist-curator, who curates pigment, subject, concept, historical genres and ideas. To me, curating is a method to extend one’s individuality; we curate when we cook, dress in the morning, make song playlists and decorate our apartments. My works act as gates into a surreal realm which tackle questions of reality, spirituality, and dreams. The canvases provide a glimpse of the worlds that exist in my imagination; worlds filled with magic, curiosity and irrationality. Drawing inspiration from history, philosophy, consciousness, nature, and other, I use oil paint to transfer my ideas, thoughts and interests on a canvas. Having studied art history, I use that knowledge to constantly form and shape my own genre and language by taking what appeals to me from an array of artistic movements from various cultures and eras.

Above all, romanticism and surrealism are the biggest players in molding my current visual representation.