Ida Lomianski

Ida Lomianski (1961- ) lives in Israel She has first started painting while recovering from heart surgery, but failed to give this new love more attention than merely a hobby. After 30 years of working in the field of industry and management, Ida has decided that the time has come to give herself a second chance and let her inner art soar.


Piece of jeans – Original art from jeans

As a curious artist I find myself experiencing the way that leads me to choose unconventional materials for my work.

The curiosity in me, the need to examine various materials that surround me on a daily basis, is my need to challenge myself through the material I choose to work with.

When I create, it is important for me to choose and work with materials in an unconventional way. Because of this I believe that my work gives the world beauty and inspiration which I feel is a great privilege

The search for original art led me to jeans. I use jeans instead of colors, so an unusual collection of paintings was created that is entirely made of jeans.

The personal path to the essence of the work has made me determined and so has the creation itself. I’m looking at new ways to create, never giving up and relaxing till the perfect piece is complete.

The significant insight I have reached through creation is that it is possible to change fate. We can create change in every area of ​​our lives – and my art proves it