Metin Topa

Life is all about the ways. Ways just to walk on, or ways to achive our goals. Ways of straight, wrong, ramp, bend, cross, dead end and full of surprises. Whatever they are, we all have many ways in our lives and those ways define us. So, in my paintings I try to portray full of ways to follow as I try to described above.

I use different sizes of spatulas while painting my artworks. I spread my paints on the surface and begin to use my spatula quickly to create new ways. For that reason, the surface should be hard and durable to be able to withstand to hard touches and sweeps of spatulas.

As to my photographic artworks, you will see the people walking on their ways. I digitally manipulate my photographes. I play with lights, places, colours, I change places of people. One image you see is mostly mixture of different shots.