Anabelle Núñez

Anabelle Nuñez-Blanco born in San José, Costa Rica, lives and works between Costa Rica and France.

Since very young she has been dedicated to art, joining different workshops as paint, music and ballet.

In her work tries new approaches exploring composition, pallet and shape, in this way, developing attentively compositons that identify personal trends and thoughts about being.

The human figure is the center of her work, create feminine and/ or androgynous images painted in oil and sometimes with mixed techniques. They are shown with colorful skins outside reality by creating neutrality and anonymity.

She presents one or several figures in one paint, silence, thoughtful figures, watching together a world in motion, with realities that often differ among themselves but they are indissoluble part of the same concept. Are reduced creations to color levels looking for a basic understanding in the shades which evoke attitudes and emotions inside the individual referred in its work.

The artist usually does not title her paintings, preferring them to talk through whom contemplate’s it.